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Detailed Design Sevices of Kenneth Moholt-Siebert, Architect

Planning Design Services:

  • Feasibility Study and Analysis
  • Master Plans for future growth
  • Site Selection and Analysis
  • Zoning and Building Code Anlysis
  • Site Development Approval Process
    • Design Review
    • Planned Developments
    • Historical Design Review
    • Zoning Code Adjustments and Modifications
    • Land Divisions
    • Land Use Hearings
  • Space Needs Assessment and Space Programming
  • Project Scoping
  • Existing Facilities Surveys
  • As-Built Drawings
Building Design Services: 
  • Schematic Design:  The initial idea is formed
    • Preliminary Site and Floor Plans
    • Preliminary Elevations and Sections
    • Preliminary Consultations with Special Consultants
    • Outline Specifications
    • Initial Estimate of Construction Cost
  • Design Development:  The idea is refined
    • Revised Site and Floor Plans
    • Revised Elevations and Sections
    • Studies of Key Details
    • Analysis of Building Components, Systems and Materials
    • Structural System Determined
    • Layout of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems Determined.
    • Revised Outline Specifications
    • Revised Estimate of Construction Cost
  • Contract Documents:  The project is described in detail
    • Final Site and Floor Plans
    • Final Elevations and Sections
    • Final Structural Engineering
    • Final Details
    • Final Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Drawings
    • Other Specialist Final Design Work
    • Final, Detailed Specifications
  • Bid/Negotiation:  The price is determined and the contractor selected
    • Request for Qualifications
    • Request for Proposals
    • Bids Opened
    • Evaluation of Bids
    • Contractor Selection
    • Bid Negotiation
    • Value Engineering
  • Construction Administration:  The idea is made real
    • Permits Obtained
    • Authorization to Proceed
    • Periodic Site Visits
    • Construction Progress Reports
    • Clarification of Details During the Course of the Work
    • Periodic Review of Shop Drawings and Submittals
    • Review of Change Order Requests
    • Processing of Change Orders
    • Certification of Applications for Payment
    • Certification of Substantial Completion
    • Certification of Final Completion
Post-Occupancy Design Services: 
  • Post-Occupancy Performance Evaluations
  • Performance Corrections
  • Maintenance Recommendations and Schedules

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